Medewi Beach - A Black Sand Beach Paradise For Surfers

Medewi Beach - A Black Sand Beach Paradise For Surfers

Jembrana Pekutatan Medewi beach is a tourist area of Bali rocky beach with great waves and great length. Jembrana Medewi Pekutatan travel beaches, ideal for surfing in Bali. Surfers young and old, beginners and professionals chose this beach as one of the best locations in Bali surfing activities.

The form of a gently sloping beach on the west side, with a curve to the south to make waves on the beach is always great and no shortage. So lovers of the sport of surfing have never disappointed coming to this beach.

This beach is known where Medewi beach because the beach is located in the village of Medewi, precisely Medewi, District Pekutatan, Jembrana, Bali. The beach is very convenient because it can be reached by motor get to the beach and 100 meters from the main road Denpasar-Gilimanuk. 

If you are from Denpasar then you will travel a distance of 72 km to the beach to take this through -Gilimanuk Denpasar. what is displayed by the medewi beach?

The beauty of the beach medewi

Medewi beach as the white sandy beaches of Sanur but black sand. Although the black sandy beaches, natural beauty that is presented is very interesting and could attract tourists to come back to this beach because of its strategic location. 

For those who love the sport of surfing, please jajal medewi wave because this beach has a pretty good wave for surfing activities. If the weather is good, almost every day on the beach there was always a visitor who likes surfing.
Medewi Beach - A Black Sand Beach Paradise For Surfers

For those who do not like the sport of surfing, you can also just sit this beach, because the chair is ready for that leads to the beach. From the top of the beach that has been installed backrest, every visitor can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the sea around the coast Medewi with big waves while sitting. 

If you want to bathe on the beach, please be careful because in addition to large waves on the beach is also quite large stone at the edge of the lip. You have to shower adjacent to the west because the west side of the beach is not rocky. Although no rocks you have to be careful because the waves bathing beach is big enough.

Most people are about as fishermen, this can be seen around the coast there are fishing boats that line the beach beside thereby increasing the panoramic beauty of this beach. In addition, we can witness the best surfing, visitors can also see the beautiful natural scenery in the afternoon, where we will see moments of the sunset.
Medewi Beach - A Black Sand Beach Paradise For Surfers

To support the tourism activity in Pantai Medewi, then it is available accommodation facilities for visitors or tourists who want to stay at hotels and villas close to Medewi Beach. In addition, facilities such as the parking lot, restaurant, public toilets, showers and swimming pools. At the beach is also available stalls selling food and drinks at an affordable price point.

Medewi beach every year visited by visitors or tourists, especially foreign tourists, who generally come for tours surfing (surf). Moments of the most visited by visitors or tourists that on Sundays and public holidays and feast.